Feb 01

Read our Greek Election Analysis and Recent Interviews in Truthout!

truthoutRead our recent articles analyzing the elections in Greece, which we prepared for Truthout, where we provide our own insights and opinions regarding SYRIZA’s electoral win, their economic and political platform, while we also pose a series of tough questions for the Greece’s new governments. Find the articles by clicking below:

In addition, our recent interview with Greek economist Leonidas Vatikiotis has also recently been published by Truthout. Find it here.

Jan 31

Transcript: Interview with Economist Leonidas Vatikiotis

vatikiotis2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with economist Leonidas Vatikiotis.  This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of January 9-15, 2015. Find the podcast of this interview here.

ΜΝ: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series for the first interview of the new year is the well-known economist and analyst Leonidas Vatikiotis. Happy new year first of all, and thank you for joining us today.

LB: Good morning, Michael, thank you very much for the invitation.

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Jan 29

This Week: Election Coverage, and an Interview with Greg Palast

palast2This week on Dialogos Radio, tune in for a special broadcast which will feature coverage and analysis of this past Sunday’s historic Greek elections. The Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with one of our regular guests, investigative journalist (BBC, The Guardian) and New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast, who will share with us his insights regarding the winner of the elections, SYRIZA, including Palast’s thoughts on SYRIZA’s economic platform and its strong position in favor of keeping Greece within the Eurozone. Palast will also talk about the results of his investigation into the role of Goldman Sachs in helping to perpetuate the Greek economic crisis, and will also discuss the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

This interview will be followed up by our own analysis of the Greek electoral results, and the campaign promises SYRIZA has made, as well as its departure from some of its previously radical positions. In addition, we will also some great Greek music, as always!

Tune in to hear this exclusive interview and analysis, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Jan 12

Greg Palast – Trojan Hearse: SYRIZA’s Fantasy of the Euro Without Austerity

palast2Dialogos is excited to present, in its first publication worldwide, the latest by investigative reporter and bestselling author Greg Palast on Greece, SYRIZA, and the upcoming elections. Palast’s book, “Vultures’ Picnic,” will soon be released in a Greek edition by Livanis, while the Greek version of this article was published on Sunday, January 18 in the newspaper “To Xoni.” Dialogos Radio will air, as part of our coverage of the Greek election, an interview with Palast on our upcoming broadcast.

Trojan Hearse: SYRIZA’s fantasy of the euro without austerity
By Greg Palast

SYRIZA wants to cure Greece of leprosy, but wants Greece to remain in the leper colony. That is, SYRIZA wants to rid Greece of the pain of austerity but insists on staying in the euro zone.

The problem is, austerity is merely a symptom of an illness. And the disease is the euro itself.

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Jan 09

Greece is a Crime Scene: Interview with Greg Palast Featured in Truthout

palast2Our recent interview with renowned investigative journalist (BBC,
The Guardian, Al Jazeera America) and New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast has been published in Truthout! In this interview, Palast analyzes the economic crisis in Greece and the destructive role that “vulture funds” played in the decimation of the Greek economy, while also explaining why he believes that Greece should immediately depart from the Eurozone.

Find this interesting and timely interview here: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/28446-greg-palast-greece-is-a-crime-scene-and-vulture-funds-are-to-blame.

Jan 08

Dialogos Radio Returns with a Pre-Election Interview with Economist Leonidas Vatikiotis

Dialogos Radio returns this week with the launch of a new broadcast season and a special pre-election interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with well-known economist and analyst Leonidas Vatikiotis, who will share with us his views as to the latest political and economic developments in Greece, on the economic program put forth by main opposition party Syriza, and on the his belief that Greece should still depart from the Eurozone and return to its own domestic currency.  Vatikiotis will also talk about the candidacy of the Antarsya political party in the upcoming elections in Greece.

thivaiosIn addition to the detailed analysis which Leonidas Vatikiotis will provide us this week, we will also feature a scathing commentary of the week segment on the latest political developments unfolding in Greece, and we will also present a special feature focusing on the music and career of prominent Greek musician Hristos Thivaios.

Tune in for this and much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Oct 30

This Week: Interview with Investigative Journalist & Bestselling Author Greg Palast

greg-palastThis week, Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an exclusive and eye-opening interview with renowned investigative journalist (BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera America) and New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast, author of such books as “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits,” “Vulture’s Picnic,” and “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.”

In this week’s interview, Palast will analyze and discuss the current state of the Greek economy and the impact of IMF-imposed austerity policies, and will discuss his investigations into how international hedge funds, or “vulture funds,” have targeted Greece and contributed to the collapse of the country’s economy. Palast will further discuss the cases of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador, the manner in which they resisted the austerity policies demanded by the International Monetary Fund, and the manner in which Argentina, in particular, has resisted the demands of international “vulture funds.” Palast will further reveal his recent investigative report into the attempts to disenfranchise over 3.5 million voters, primarily minorities, from the voter rolls in the United States.

In addition to our interview with Greg Palast, tune in to hear our special segment featuring music that is derived from the poetry of Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseas Elytis, plus our commentary of the week segment.  All this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Jun 01

New Article – “A Victory of the Greek Left? Not So Fast!”

Greek elections falloutFollowing the results of the recent European parliamentary elections and local electoral races in Greece, we have returned with a new published piece, published in The Press Project International, titled “A Victory of the Greek Left? Not So Fast!”  In this piece, we analyze the recent electoral results and provide our own insights into their significance and meaning, breaking away from the most commonly-heard narrative that the elections represented an overwhelming victory of the left in Greece.

Read this article online at The Press Project International simply by clicking on the following link: http://www.thepressproject.net/article/62706/A-victory-of-the-Greek-left–Not-so-fast.

May 29

This Week: Election Recap on Dialogos Radio

eklogesThis week on Dialogos Radio, tune in to hear our special election recap, which will analyze the results of the recent European parliamentary elections and local/regional elections in Greece, which took place over the past two weekends.

Our recap will include an interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with journalist Lamprini Thoma of The Press Project, one of Greece’s foremost online news portals, the news roundup from Greece, provided by the editorial staff of The Press Project International, and our very own commentary and analysis on the elections results and what they mean for both Greece and Europe.

Tune in for this special broadcast and our election coverage, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!