Oct 15

This Week: Discussion of Aviation and Tourism Issues with Greek-American Aviation Expert Bill Kalivas

ohareThis week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature a timely interview with Bill Kalivas, a Greek-American aviation expert who is also leading an online campaign for additional nonstop routes to be added from the United States to Greece. Kalivas will speak to us about his campaign, as well as broader trends and issues pertaining to the airline industry in Greece and around the world, plus prospects for tourism in Greece.

In addition, in response to listener demand, this week we will air from the Dialogos Interview Series archives our interview with bestselling author John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

Finally, we will also air our commentary of the week segment, plus some great Greek music! Tune in for all this and more, exclusively this week on Dialogos Radio!

May 04

Dialogos Radio’s Broadcasts to be Heard on Ellines Radio

ellinesradioWe are excited to announce that Dialogos Radio’s weekly Greek-language broadcast have been added to the programming lineup on Ellines Radio, broadcasting on 1368 kHz on the medium-wave (AM) band in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, and online at www.ellinesradio.gr!

Our broadcasts will be heard each Friday at 11 pm Greek time on Ellines Radio, which becomes the 19th radio station to join our growing broadcast network worldwide!

Nov 24

Dialogos Radio Now Heard Worldwide via Shortwave!

global24No Voice of Greece?  No problem!  Dialogos Radio is excited to announce that its English-language broadcasts are now available practically worldwide via shortwave radio! Picking up where the Voice of Greece left off when it was shut down by the incompetent, criminal Greek government, Dialogos Radio’s weekly broadcasts are being aired on a trial basis on Thursday evenings at 21:00 UTC (23:00 Greek time, 16:00 Eastern time) on Global24 Radio.

Hear Global24 on 9395 kHz (31m) worldwide, or listen live online. Global24 becomes the 17th station in the ever-expanding Dialogos Radio broadcast network.

We’ve already received our first reception report all the way from Thessaloniki, Greece, and look forward to welcoming our new worldwide audience!  Dialogos Radio: the ONLY Greek radio program broadcasting worldwide…even on the high seas!