Oct 21

Dialogos Radio Playlist: Week of October 15-21, 2015

These are the songs which aired on Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts for the week of October 15-21, 2015:

1. Andriana Mbambali & Stamos Semsis – Periplanomeno
2. Vasilis Kazoulis – Aeroplano
3. Agathonas Iakovidis & Glykeria – Aeroplano Tha Paro
4. Dimitris Mitropanos – Mana Pou Zo
5. Maria Papanikolaou – Olo Taxidevo
6. Manolis Lidakis – Mia Molyvia

Oct 01

Dialogos Radio Playlist: Week of September 24-30, 2015

These are the songs which aired on Dialogos Radio’s broadcast for the week of September 24-30, 2015:

1. Nikos Papazoglou – Ah Ellada
2. Melina Kana – Tifles Elpides
3. Mikres Periplaniseis – Mikres Periplaniseis
4. Eleni Vitali – Anoihte ta Treladika
5. Tzimis Panousis – Neoellinas
6. Giannis Miliokas – Greco Mascara
7. 2002GR & Ilias Asvestopoulos – Eipes Pos

Sep 22

Dialogos Radio Playlist: Week of September 17-23, 2015

These are the songs which aired on Dialogos Radio for our September 17-23, 2015 broadcast:

1. Eleni Tsaligopoulou – Min Kaneis Oneira Trela
2. Leonidas Balafas & Giorgos Nikiforou Zervakis – Na Statho Sta Podia Mou
3. Panos Katsimihas – Syndromo tis Stokholmis
4. Fotini Darra – Tis Agapis Aimata
5. Giannis Poulopoulos – Epefte Vathia Siopi

May 07

This Week: Interview with Journalist and Educator Irene Archos of Greekamericangirl.com

greekamericangirl2This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with Greek-American journalist, blogger, and educator Irene Archos, adjunct professor at Nassau Community College and founder of greekamericangirl.com. In this week’s interview, Archos will speak to us about her blog and how it got started, as well as about pertinent issues facing families and particularly women of the Greek diaspora, such as the pressures to marry Greek and to raise children within the Greek culture, plus the difficulties which often exist when living between two or more cultures within a community of the diaspora. Finally, Archos will also discuss the new foundation which she aims to establish, which seeks to bring together Greek women all across the globe.

renakoumiotiIn addition, we will feature our commentary of the week segment, where we will analyze the latest moves by the Greek government to move forward with more austerity measures and privatizations of key state assets. Finally, we will also feature as part of this week’s broadcast a special musical tribute to renowned Greek singer Rena Koumioti.

Hear all this and much more this week, exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Apr 01

This Week: Interview with Scholar and Analyst James Petras

jamespetras2This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with renowned scholar, author, and analyst James Petras, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Binghamton in New York. Petras is a former adviser to political leaders such as Andreas Papandreou in Greece, Salvador Allende in Chile, and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and in this interview, he will talk with us about his relationship with Andreas Papandreou and the reasons why he belives that the Papandreou family and PASOK destroyed Greece, as well as why he believes SYRIZA is now following in PASOK’s footsteps. In addition, Petras will analyze for us the first two months of the SYRIZA-led coalition government in Greece, and will share with us his proposals as to the policy actions he believes Greece should undertake to break free of the vicious cycle of austerity and the economic crisis.

In addition, tune in to hear our commentary of the week segment, where we will discuss the latest adverse developments and actions taken by the coalition government in Greece. On our program this week, we will also feature music especially selected for the upcoming Greek Orthodox Easter holiday.

Tune in for all this and more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Mar 26

This Week: Interview with Éric Toussaint of the Committee for the Abolition of Third-World Debt

toussaint3This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an extremely timely interview with political scientist and historian Éric Toussaint, senior lecturer at the University of Liege in Belgium and spokesperson for the Committee for the Abolition of Third-World Debt (CADTM). Toussaint will speak to us about his recent meetings with members of the new Greek government and the establishment of a commission to conduct an audit of Greece’s public debt, which Toussaint will be a part of. Toussaint will talk about previous debt audit commissions that he has been part of and examples from other countries which Greece could follow, and he will also discuss the potential political ramifications of this audit of Greece’s debt.

markopoulosIn addition to this week’s interview, we will feature our commentary of the week segment, on the issue of national independence in light of Greece’s Independence Day on March 25th, and we will also feature a special musical tribute to the life and music of renowned Greek composer Yannis Markopoulos.

Tune in for all this and much more this week, exclusively on Dialogos Radio!