Feb 23

New Article for GreekTV.com: “From the Greek Resistance to Onassis’ Boardroom”

ioannidisRead our latest article for GreekTV.com, which is based on our recent interview with Paul Ioannidis, the honorary vice-president of the Onassis Foundation and the author of the riveting autobiography “Destiny Prevails.” In this article, we review Ioannidis’ book and recount highlights from his fascinating life story, including his participation in the Greek resistance against the Nazis during World War II, as well as his longstanding professional relationship and friendship with Aristotle Onassis and his family.

Find this article here: http://greektv.com/greek-resistance-onassis-boardroom/.

Jan 29

This Week: Election Coverage, and an Interview with Greg Palast

palast2This week on Dialogos Radio, tune in for a special broadcast which will feature coverage and analysis of this past Sunday’s historic Greek elections. The Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with one of our regular guests, investigative journalist (BBC, The Guardian) and New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast, who will share with us his insights regarding the winner of the elections, SYRIZA, including Palast’s thoughts on SYRIZA’s economic platform and its strong position in favor of keeping Greece within the Eurozone. Palast will also talk about the results of his investigation into the role of Goldman Sachs in helping to perpetuate the Greek economic crisis, and will also discuss the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

This interview will be followed up by our own analysis of the Greek electoral results, and the campaign promises SYRIZA has made, as well as its departure from some of its previously radical positions. In addition, we will also some great Greek music, as always!

Tune in to hear this exclusive interview and analysis, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Jan 12

Greg Palast – Trojan Hearse: SYRIZA’s Fantasy of the Euro Without Austerity

palast2Dialogos is excited to present, in its first publication worldwide, the latest by investigative reporter and bestselling author Greg Palast on Greece, SYRIZA, and the upcoming elections. Palast’s book, “Vultures’ Picnic,” will soon be released in a Greek edition by Livanis, while the Greek version of this article was published on Sunday, January 18 in the newspaper “To Xoni.” Dialogos Radio will air, as part of our coverage of the Greek election, an interview with Palast on our upcoming broadcast.

Trojan Hearse: SYRIZA’s fantasy of the euro without austerity
By Greg Palast

SYRIZA wants to cure Greece of leprosy, but wants Greece to remain in the leper colony. That is, SYRIZA wants to rid Greece of the pain of austerity but insists on staying in the euro zone.

The problem is, austerity is merely a symptom of an illness. And the disease is the euro itself.

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Jan 08

Dialogos Radio Returns with a Pre-Election Interview with Economist Leonidas Vatikiotis

Dialogos Radio returns this week with the launch of a new broadcast season and a special pre-election interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with well-known economist and analyst Leonidas Vatikiotis, who will share with us his views as to the latest political and economic developments in Greece, on the economic program put forth by main opposition party Syriza, and on the his belief that Greece should still depart from the Eurozone and return to its own domestic currency.  Vatikiotis will also talk about the candidacy of the Antarsya political party in the upcoming elections in Greece.

thivaiosIn addition to the detailed analysis which Leonidas Vatikiotis will provide us this week, we will also feature a scathing commentary of the week segment on the latest political developments unfolding in Greece, and we will also present a special feature focusing on the music and career of prominent Greek musician Hristos Thivaios.

Tune in for this and much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Dec 18

Transcript: Interview with Comedian Yannis Pappas

yiannispappas2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with renowned comedian and television personality Yannis Pappas.  This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of December 11-17, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: [following intro by the “Mr. Panos” character]: So, who we are actually speaking with here on Dialogos Radio today is the well-known Greek-American comedian Yannis Pappas, the man behind Mr. Panos. You’ve had a successful stand-up career and also a number of new projects for TV and the web as well, so Yanni, thank you for joining us.

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Dec 12

Transcript: Interview with Kati Marton, Author of “The Polk Conspiracy”

marton4The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with bestselling author Kati Marton, author of “The Polk Conspiracy: Murder and Cover-Up In the Case of CBS News Correspondent George Polk.”  This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of December 4-11, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is renowned journalist and author Kati Marton. Α longtime reporter and correspondent for ABC News and National Public Radio in the United States, Kati has won a number of awards for her journalistic work and is the author of several books, including “The Polk Conspiracy: Murder and Cover-Up In the Case of CBS News Correspondent George Polk.” Kati, welcome to our program today.

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Dec 11

The Dialogos Radio Holiday Special, Featuring Yannis Pappas and Mr. Panos!

yiannispappas1This week, Dialogos Radio bids farewell to 2014 and rings in the holiday season in style, with the Dialogos Radio holiday special!  On this week’s broadcast, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with popular Greek-American comedian, producer, and entertainer Yannis Pappas, the man behind the exceptionally popular character of Mr. Panos, made popular through Pappas’ stand-up performances and his series of YouTube videos.  In this week’s interview, Pappas will talk about his life and his career as a stand-up comedian, how his Greek-American roots influence his material, his projects for television and the Internet, and he will also bring Mr. Panos on the line with him to share his own unique insights about Greece and Greek culture!  Along with the interview, we will feature clips from Pappas’ stand-up comedy performances, as well as from Mr. Panos himself!mrpanos1

This week’s broadcast will also feature great Greek music, including special Greek holiday music which will close out Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts for 2014.

Tune in for this fun and hilarious interview and our special holiday broadcast, all this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Dec 04

This Week: Interview with Kati Marton, Author of “The Polk Conspiracy”

marton2This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will be featuring a groundbreaking and exclusive interview on a topic which has rarely been discussed openly in Greece.  On our program this week, we will be interviewing longtime ABC News and National Public Radio journalist Kati Marton, author of “The Polk Conspiracy: Murder and Cover-Up in the Case of CBS News Correspondent George Polk.” This book presents the true story behind the murder of journalist George Polk in Greece in 1948, in the midst of the country’s civil war, and the cover-up which followed by the right-wing government of Greece at the time, with the full collaboration of the intelligence agencies of the United States and Britain.

This book was banned in Greece and has never circulated, and in this week’s interview, Marton will share more details about who George Polk was, why his reporting was considered troublesome in Greece, the United States, and in Britain, and she will reveal the true circumstances behind Polk’s murder and the subsequent cover-up which followed.  She will share many details from the investigation which she conducted, as well as explain why the book remains censored in Greece today.  Marton will also discuss the new release of “The Polk Conspiracy” as an e-book, as part of the “Forbidden Bookshelf” lakispapadopoulosseries.

In addition to this week’s interview, we will also feature our commentary of the week segment, as well as a special tribute to musician Lakis Papadopoulos.

Tune in for this exclusive interview, commentary, and music special, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Nov 20

This Week: Interview and Musical Special Featuring Imam Baildi

Imam_Baildi_-_mThis week on Dialogos Radio, join us for an exclusive special broadcast featuring the music of well-known Greek band Imam Baildi.  This broadcast will feature music from the band’s latest album, titled “Tria,” as well as an interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with Imam Baildi’s co-founder, Lysandros Falireas, who will talk about the band and its latest endeavors, the band’s recent European and North American tours, their latest album, their inspirations and musical influences, future plans, and a special announcement that is of particular interest to our listeners, and to Imam Baildi’s fans, in North America!

Additionally, by making your contribution to Dialogos Radio’s ongoing fall fund drive, you have the option of selecting a digital download of Imam Baildi’s latest album as your gift from us, in exchange for your donation!

Tune in for this special broadcast and interview, plus our commentary of the week segment, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Nov 13

This Week: Interview with Journalist & Filmmaker Aris Hatzistefanou

hatzistefanou1This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with renowned journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker Aris Hatzistefanou.  In this timely interview, Hatzistefanou will discuss his recent journalistic mission to the Ukraine and to Donetsk, the latest geopolitical developments in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, the decline in freedom of the press in Greece in recent years, and his latest documentary work, tiled Fascism, Inc., plus his current and ongoing projects.  This is an excellent and informgalaniative interview covering a wealth of topics, that you will not want to miss.

In addition to this week’s interview, hear our commentary of the week segment, plus our special musical tribute to Dimitra Galani, one of the foremost names in modern Greek music.  All this plus much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Nov 06

This Week: Interview with Economist and Professor Stergios Skaperdas

skaperdas1This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an informative and timely interview with economist and professor Stergios Skaperdas of the University of California-Irvine. In this interview, Skaperdas will share with us his analysis of the current economic situation in Greece, about the economic policies which the current government along with the IMF and the European Union are continuing to enforce in Greece, about the recent economic proposals put forth by main opposition party Syriza, and finally, Skaperdas will provide us with his policy proposals and recommendations as to what he believes Greece should do to emritsos1erge from the crisis.  This is a highly detailed inteview which you will not want to miss!

In addition to this week’s interview, we will also feature a special segment with music that is derived from the poetry of renowned Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos, as well as our commentary of the week segment.  Hear all this, plus some great Greek music, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Oct 30

This Week: Interview with Investigative Journalist & Bestselling Author Greg Palast

greg-palastThis week, Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an exclusive and eye-opening interview with renowned investigative journalist (BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera America) and New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast, author of such books as “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits,” “Vulture’s Picnic,” and “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.”

In this week’s interview, Palast will analyze and discuss the current state of the Greek economy and the impact of IMF-imposed austerity policies, and will discuss his investigations into how international hedge funds, or “vulture funds,” have targeted Greece and contributed to the collapse of the country’s economy. Palast will further discuss the cases of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador, the manner in which they resisted the austerity policies demanded by the International Monetary Fund, and the manner in which Argentina, in particular, has resisted the demands of international “vulture funds.” Palast will further reveal his recent investigative report into the attempts to disenfranchise over 3.5 million voters, primarily minorities, from the voter rolls in the United States.

In addition to our interview with Greg Palast, tune in to hear our special segment featuring music that is derived from the poetry of Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseas Elytis, plus our commentary of the week segment.  All this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Oct 01

Our Investigative Series of Articles on the History of Corruption, Lawlessness, and Censorship in Greece’s Media

In 2001, 12 years before the forced shutdown of ERT, the Greek government sent riot police to forcefully shut down 66 independent radio stations in Athens.

In collaboration with Truthout, Dialogos Media is presenting its new, investigative series of articles which examine the long and troubled history of corruption, lawlessness, and censorship in Greece’s media landscape. This series of articles investigates, in depth, these longstanding trends in Greek media, a situation which has been worsening in recent years, in the midst of Greece’s severe economic and political crisis.

The portions of this investigative series of articles which have so far been published in Truthout include:

In addition, this series will be translated into French, with the following portions having been published so far:

The fifth installment of our investigative series was also featured by Greece’s “Kouti tis Pandoras” news website, while Michael Nevradakis, producer/host of Dialogos Radio, was quoted in a similar article on corruption and censorship in Greece’s media published by The Christian Science Monitor.

We are working on having the Greek version of this series published soon as well.

Sep 23

This Week: Interview with World-Renowned Scholar and Author Henry Giroux

giroux2This week, Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series are excited to present an interview with world-renowned scholar and author Henry A. Giroux, Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and founder of the “Public Intellectuals Project.”  The author of several books, including recent titles such as “Education and the Crisis of Public Values,” “Youth in Revolt: Reclaiming a Democratic Future,” and “Neoliberalism’s War Against Higher Education,” Giroux has made countless appearances on television, radio, in the press, and in public all across the world.

In this week’s interview, Giroux will discuss and analyze the ever-increasing influence of neoliberal thought and doctrine all across the world, in politics, economics, and society as a whole.  He will draw parallels between the current economic and social crisis in Greece with similar developments in the United States and much of the Western world, and he will discuss how education, the media, and the poor, in paloizosrticular, have been impacted by neoliberalism and what he describes as “casino capitalism.”

In addition to this week’s interview, we will present a special musical segment dedicated to the life and music of one of the most significant Greek-Cypriot musicians and composers of the 20th century, Manos Loizos.  We will hear some of his greatest songs, as well as facts and important moments from his life and his musical career.

Join us for our interview with Henry Giroux, our special musical feature dedicated to Manos Loizos, plus our commentary of the week and more, all this week on Dialogos Radio!

Jun 01

This Week: Interview with Filmmaker Lamprini Thoma (“Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre”)

palikariThis week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature a fascinating interview with journalist and filmmaker Lamprini Thoma, who will join us on our program for a second consecutive week, this time to discuss an acclaimed new documentary which she has written and produced, titled “Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre.”

This documentary chronicles the story of Greek-born immigrant Louis Tikas, who worked as a coal miner in Ludlow, Colorado in the early 20th century and who led a labor uprising calling for better working and living conditions, before being tragically murdered. Tikas’ story has been immortalized in the writings of Howard Zinn and the music of Woody Guthrie. In this interview, Thoma will discuss the documentary, Tikas’ story, and the upcoming North American screening tour that is scheduled for this fall.

In addition, stay tuned for some great Greek music, plus the weekly news roundup from Greece, brought to you exclusively for Dialogos Radio by the editorial staff of The Press Project International. All this week, on Dialogos Radio!