Jan 13

Dialogos Radio to be Aired by Affiliates of Global Community Radio

gcrDialogos Radio is excited to announce that it has affiliated with Global Community Radio, and that its English-language broadcasts will be carried by “GCR1” and aired by some of its affiliate stations, including the online radio stations Wings Radio 1 and KNDY Extra, with more stations potentially to be added in the future. Broadcasts on both stations will air on Saturdays at 5 am Eastern (U.S.) time. Both stations maintain online streaming of their programming, simply click on their names above.

With these new additions, Dialogos Radio’s worldwide network of affiliates has grown to 24 stations!

Jul 06

Our Pieces on “Brexit” and the Greek Referendum, for MintPress News!

mintpressnewsDialogos Radio & Media is now proud to be working with MintPress News, where our two latest pieces, on “Brexit” and on the one year-anniversary of the Greek referendum which said “no” to austerity, have been featured.

Our articles, interviews, and analyses will appear regularly in MintPress News in the future…keep checking back for more!

Jun 19

Dialogos Radio’s Summer Hiatus

kalokairiWe would like to announce to our listeners and friends around the world that Dialogos Radio, following the conclusion of the 2015-16 radio broadcast season, is on hiatus for the summer. We will return with new broadcasts and many new surprises once again sometime in September! From all of us at Dialogos Radio and Dialogos Media, have a great summer!

Feb 04

Dialogos Radio’s English-Language Broadcasts to be Heard on E-Roi Web Radio

e-roiWe would like to announce the launch of Dialogos Radio’s English-language broadcasts, which will be heard on a weekly basis on e-roi.gr web radio. Our broadcasts will be heard each Thursday at 11 pm GR (9 pm GMT, 4 pm Eastern) and on early Tuesdays at 2 am GR (12 am GMT, Monday at 7 pm Eastern). Listen online at www.e-roi.gr!

Oct 28

Dialogos Radio’s Commentary for the Commemoration of “Oxi” Day

commentaryoftheweekBy Michael Nevradakis

On October 28, Greeks around the world will commemorate the anniversary of Oxi Day, the day on which in 1940 the Greek government said “no” to the demands of Mussolini to pass his troops through Greece unimpeded. This no has become an annual commemoration in Greece and is remembered as a moment of great resistance for Greece and its people, despite the fact that it came from a fascist, far-right government in its own right.

Today though, the word “no” has been stripped of its significance in Greece. After the supposed referendum of July 5th, a referendum without a clear question posed to the voters and, despite the 62% that voted no, without a clear message on the part of the voters, as the events since then have shown, we have seen the word “no” converted to yes, yes, YES, yes to even harsher austerity measures and cuts than those which were purportedly rejected in the referendum. And in contrast with 1940, there is no longer any semblance of national pride or a national identity in Greece, no backbone to truly stand up to this onslaught.

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Sep 15

Dialogos Radio’s Greek Election Special to air in New York City!

wbai_smallWe are extremely excited to announce to our listeners that Dialogos Radio’s special Greek election broadcast, featuring our exclusive interviews with analyst and scholar James Petras and with Greek analyst Leonidas Vatikiotis, member of the Greek parliamentary debt audit commission, will be aired in New York City this Friday at 5 pm local time on WBAI 99.5 FM! WBAI’s signal covers the entire New York City metropolitan area, and it can also be heard online at www.wbai.org.

This special broadcast will air on a trial basis on WBAI, and we look forward to welcoming the listening public in New York City’s Tri-State area, with the hope that Dialogos Radio can earn a permanent, weekly home on the airwaves of WBAI.

Sep 14

Dialogos Radio to Air Weekly in Perth, Australia!

hellenicradioperthDialogos Radio is excited to announce the addition of a new station to its growing broadcast network! With the launch of our new broadcast season and our initial broadcast, our Greek-langauge programming will air each week on Hellenic Radio in Perth, Australia, each Sunday at pm local time in Perth! Hellenic Radio broadcasts on 161.95 MHz on the VHF Hi-Band, covering the entire city of Perth and beyond, and also broadcasts online at www.hellenicradioperth.net!

We are excited to include Perth in our global network of cities which receive Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts over the air, and look forward to welcoming listeners in Perth to our growing worldwide community!

May 04

Dialogos Radio’s Broadcasts to be Heard on Ellines Radio

ellinesradioWe are excited to announce that Dialogos Radio’s weekly Greek-language broadcast have been added to the programming lineup on Ellines Radio, broadcasting on 1368 kHz on the medium-wave (AM) band in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, and online at www.ellinesradio.gr!

Our broadcasts will be heard each Friday at 11 pm Greek time on Ellines Radio, which becomes the 19th radio station to join our growing broadcast network worldwide!

Jan 02

The Best of Dialogos, In Greece’s Hot Doc Magazine!

hd_67_cover_onlineIn the special New Year’s edition of Hot Doc magazine, Greece’s foremost investigative journalism magazine, leading economists and intellectual figures provide their answers to the question “Which Europe?” Figures such as Greg Palast, Richard Wolff, Mark Blyth, and Henry Giroux, among others, provide their analysis of the Euro, the financial crisis, and the policies of austerity, in a special issue which you will not want to miss! Editing and translations courtesy of Michael Nevradakis, producer and host of Dialogos Radio!

Find Hot Doc magazine at newsstands and kiosks throught Greece for the next two weeks, and online by clicking here!