Jul 27

Analysis for Mint Press News – Greece: A (Basket) Case Study In Savage Globalization

mintpressnewsIn our latest analysis for Mint Press News, titled Greece: A (Basket) Case Study In Savage Globalization, we examine how processes of savage globalization have resulted in a prevailing mentality of inferiority, hopelessness, self-loathing, and collective guilt in Greece.

As Greeks look inward, they see a country that produces nothing of value and is inferior to the rest of the world – despite evidence to the contrary. The country has been mentally colonized, with outside powers convincing the Greeks that they can do no better.

Read this analysis here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/greece-a-basket-case-study-in-savage-globalization/230221/.

Jul 17

Our Interview with Economist Spiros Lavdiotis Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsOur recent Dialogos Radio interview with economist and former Bank of Canada analyst Spiros Lavdiotis has been published in Mint Press News, under the title “Ancient Greece Could Hold The Key To Solving Today’s Debt Crisis.”

In this interview, Lavdiotis discusses the present-day economic situation in Greece, the modern-day origins of austerity, the reasons why he believes “Grexit” is the best and only option for Greece, and discusses what ancient Greece could teach us about dealing with debt.

Find this interview here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/ancient-greece-hold-key-solving-todays-debt-crisis/229812/.

Jun 27

Our Latest for Mint Press News: Greece Two Years After the “No” Vote

mintpressnewsIn our latest piece for Mint Press News, titled “Two Years After Resounding “No” Vote, Greece Still Says “Yes” To Austerity,” we take a look at conditions in Greece today, two years after the “no” vote in the July 5, 2015 Greek referendum. With the “no” result in that referendum having been turned into a “yes,” we look at new austerity measures which are being implemented in Greece today by the SYRIZA-led coalition government, and which have been agreed upon for the future, and the difficulties that ordinary Greek citizens are facing.

Find this article here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/two-years-no-vote-greece-yes-austerity/229231/.

Jun 21

Our Latest for Mint Press News: Greece as a Guinea Pig for a Cashless Society

mintpressnewsOur latest article, titled “How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society,” has been published today by Mint Press News. How has Greece become a modern-day laboratory for the elimination of cash, and what are the risks of a cashless society? This article breaks down the measures that have been enacted in Greece with the goal of eliminating cash from circulation, purportedly in the name of combating tax evasion, and examines similar measures enacted in other countries across Europe and worldwide. The article then questions the reasons being presented to justify the elimination of cash, and examines the potential consequences and ramifications of such a move.

Read this article here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/greece-guinea-pig-cashless-society/229088/.

Jun 05

Interview on Greek Water Privatization Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsOur interview with Maria Kanellopoulou of the Greek activist organization “Save Greek Water,” has been published in Mint Press News.

In this interview, Kanellopoulou discusses the impending privatization of Greece’s major water utilities, the potential impact privatization would have on Greek economy and on the quality of water in Greece, and on the experience of water privatization in other European countries.

Find this interview (in English) here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/greece-forced-to-sell-public-water-utilities-under-eu-imposed-privatization-plan/228479/.

Jun 01

Transcript: Interview with Whistleblower Zoe Georganta on ELSTAT Scandal

georganta2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with Zoe Georganta, professor of econometrics at the University of Macedonia in Greece, former board member of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), and whistleblower. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of May 3-10, 2017. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is Zoe Georganta. Professor Georganta is a faculty member at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece and is a former board member of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, known as ELSTAT. Professor Georganta first became widely known in Greece in 2011, when she publicly presented evidence showing that Greece’s deficit figures for 2009 were inflated, leading to Greece being brought under the supervision of the so-called “troika” [the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank]. She will speak to us today about this issue and where the judicial cases which stemmed from it stand today, and about the potential continued misrepresentation of Greece’s economic figures by ELSTAT today. Professor Georganta, thank you for taking the time to join us today on our program.

ZG: Thank you, Mr. Nevradakis, for inviting me here for this interview. Continue reading

May 23

Interview with Greek Whistleblower Zoe Georganta Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsHow was the Greek budget deficit falsified and worsened in order to bring Greece under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund and the “troika”? What claims have been made by whistleblowers from Greece’s Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and what evidence have they presented? What charges is ELSTAT’s former president facing as a result of the evidence submitted by whistleblowers? Does Greece’s current large primary budget surplus actually exist, or is it a product of “creative accounting”?

Professor Zoe Georganta of the University of Macedonia in Greece and former board member of ELSTAT, discussed all of these important issues in a recent Dialogos Radio interview, featured in print this week in Mint Press News.

Find this interview here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/whistleblower-greek-debt-crisis-manufactured-unscrupulous-accounting/228076/.

Apr 26

Interview with Economist Roger Bootle Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsDialogos Radio’s interview with economist Roger Bootle of Capital Economics in London and winner of the 2012 Wolfson Prize in Economics for his plan regarding how any Eurozone member could safely depart the euro, has been published in Mint Press News. In this interview, Bootle discusses Brexit and the process which lies ahead for Britain, the prospects for Great Britain’s economy going forward, how Brexit will impact the European Union and Eurozone, and his award-winning plan for how any country can exit from the Eurozone and why he believes countries like Greece should depart.

Find this interview here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/award-winning-economist-eu-verge-breakup/227199/.

Apr 23

Transcript: Interview with Turkish Journalist Gürkan Özturan

gurkanThe transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with journalist Gürkan Özturan of Turkey’s dokuz8news. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of April 5-11, 2017. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio for this week’s edition of the Dialogos Interview Series is Turkish journalist Gürkan Özturan, who will speak to us about all of the latest developments coming out of Turkey. Thank you for joining us once again on our program.

GO: Thank you for having me.

MN: Let’s begin by discussing the upcoming Turkish constitutional referendum. What are the changes which are being placed before the electorate? Continue reading

Apr 21

Interview with Turkish Journalist Gürkan Özturan Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsOur interview with Turkish journalist Gürkan Özturan of dokuz8news has recently been published in Mint Press News. In this timely interview, Özturan discusses the Turkish constitutional referendum and the political changes transpiring in the country, the vision of Tayip Erdogan for Turkey, the ongoing conflict with the Kurds, and the stripping away of rights for opposition political parties and journalists in the country.

Find this interview online here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/the-turkish-referendum-and-descent-towards-absolute-rule-interview-with-journalist-gurkan-ozturan/227015/.

Apr 04

Commentary of the Week: A Greek Perspective on Trump, Brexit, and Media Hysteria (March 22-28, 2017)

commentaryoftheweek(Originally published in TheDuran.com)

By Michael Nevradakis

It’s a typical winter’s evening in Athens. This has been a cold winter, and the air is brisk. And wherever I go, the sweet smell of “success” is in the air. By “success” I am referring to none other than the vaunted “European dream,” and the “success story” of the Greek economy, as described by Greece’s former prime minister Antonis Samaras in late 2014, and as often repeated—even if not in those exact terms—by Greece’s “first time left” prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, far more recently. That scent of success comes from the noxious fumes of the fireplaces and makeshift furnaces which newly impoverished Greeks have lit to keep warm, since well over 80 percent of households are said to be unable to afford absurdly taxed heating oil for their homes.

This piece though is not meant to be about Greece, but about the United States, the anti-Russian hysteria that has taken hold, and the attacks that the newly inaugurated Trump administration is facing from protesters, the media, and the “deep state.” What does all of this have to do with Greece though? Everything. Crisis-stricken Greece represents a microcosm of what is transpiring in the United States and much of Europe today, and offers a useful lens through which to analyze current developments. Continue reading

Mar 30

Transcript: Interview with Analyst Alexander Mercouris

mercouris1The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with analyst Alexander Mercouris, co-founder of TheDuran.com. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of March 8-14, 2017. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is London-based writer and geopolitical analyst Alexander Mercouris. With a long career in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, where he specialized in human rights and constitutional law, Mercouris is now a frequent guests on a number of television news programs and writes for several outlets, including TheDuran.com, which he has co-founded. Mr. Mercouris, thank you very much for joining us today.

AM: Thank you very much for having me.

MN: To get us started: Recently, United States president Donald Trump gave his first speech before a joint session of Congress. Despite the intense negativity on the part of much of the mainstream media towards Trump and his administration, this speech received many positive reviews from these same journalists and commentators. What are your impressions of Trump’s speech and the reaction to it? Do you believe it signifies a change in the stance of the media towards Trump, or does it perhaps signify a change in the direction of the Trump administration itself? Continue reading

Mar 30

Transcript: Interview with Economist Dimitris Karousos

karousos3The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with economist and analyst Dimitris Karousos. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of March 22-28, 2017. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is economist and economic analyst Dimitris Karousos, who is a member of the political directorate of Greece’s United Popular Front, and who has enjoyed a long career working for financial institutions within and outside of Greece. Mr. Karousos, thank you very much for joining us today.

DK: Thank you for your kind invitation.

MN: Let’s begin by discussing the recent deal that was reached between the Greek government and its European lenders. The Greek government has engaged in a big PR show, portraying this new agreement as one that will not deliver even one euro’s worth of new austerity measures, as a result of the so-called “equivalent measures” that will be adopted. This begs the question, if the net sum of these new measures is zero, then why enact them? And continuing along this line of thinking, what does the new agreement actually entail and mean for Greece? Continue reading

Mar 28

Two New Interviews Featured in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsTwo of Dialogos Radio’s recent interviews have been featured in print, in Mint Press News.

In “The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris On “Fake News,” Russia Allegations And Change In Europe,” Alexander Mercouris, co-founder of The Duran, spoke to us about a wide gamut of issues, providing his analysis of Trump’s foreign and defense policies, Russia, the Ukraine, Syria, Brexit, Grexit, and so-called “fake news.” This interview can be found at http://www.mintpressnews.com/the-durans-alexander-mercouris-on-fake-news-russia-allegations-and-change-in-europe/226294/.

In “Greece’s New Deal From European Lenders Delivers More Neoliberalism,” Greek economist and analyst Dimitris Karousos spoke to us about the Greek government’s recent agreement with the troika and what it actually entails for Greece, about the difference between a parallel/dual currency and a national domestic currency, and about the steps Greece could follow in order to depart from the Eurozone in an orderly fashion. This interview is available at http://www.mintpressnews.com/greeces-new-deal-from-european-lenders-delivers-more-neoliberalism/226337/.

Mar 24

Our Latest Commentary Featured in TheDuran.com

duranCheck out the recent analysis by Michael Nevradakis, producer and host of Dialogos Radio, titled “A Greek Perspective on Donald Trump, Brexit, and Media Hysteria,” featured this week in TheDuran.com. This piece looks at international developments, including the new presidency of Donald Trump in the United States, Brexit in Great Britain, war and conflict in the Middle East, and anti-Russian hysteria in the mass media, from an “on the ground” perspective in Greece.

Find this piece (in English) here: http://theduran.com/greek-crisis-eu-trump-brexit/.