Apr 26

This Week: Interview with Christina Papadopoulou of the Time Bank of Athens + News from The Press Project

Trapeza XronouThis week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will be presenting an interview with Christina Papadopoulou of the Time Bank of Athens and Syntagma Square.  The Time Bank of Athens was established in 2011 from within the indignants’ protest movement in Athens, and since that time, it has operated an alternative economy based on the exchange of time and services instead of money and currency.  In this week’s interview, Papadopoulou will talk about the Time Bank, about the services which are typically exchanged between its members, and about the future goals of the Time Bank.

PRESS PROJECTAlso this week, we are excited to announce the launch of our new collaboration with the well-known and reputable Greek news portal The Press Project and the English-language Press Project International. Beginning with this week’s broadcast, we will present a weekly news bulletin that is prepared especially for Dialogos Radio by The Press Project’s editorial staff, with a rundown of the major news stories from Greece over the past week.

Hear this extremely interesting interview and the news from Greece presented by The Press Project, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Apr 21

Transcript: Interview with Economist Ha-Joon Chang

ha-joonThe transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with economist and professor Ha-Joon Chang of the University of Cambridge, author of “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism,” follows below. This interview aired on April 10-11, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is the economist and professor Ha-Joon Chang of the University of Cambridge. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian and is also the author of a recent book titled “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.” Ha-Joon, welcome to our program today.

HJC: Thank you for inviting me.

MN: In your book, you debunk many of the myths about capitalism that we often hear in the media and in conventional teachings of economics, myths that are often seen as conventional wisdom. What are some of the biggest myths that you have identified?

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Jan 08

Dialogos Radio To Be Heard in South Africa

hellenicradioWe are excited to announce the expansion of Dialogos Radio’s broadcast network, with the addition of Hellenic Radio 1422 AM, which will begin airing our weekly Greek-language broadcasts each Thursday, from 1-2 pm local time, beginning Thursday, January 9!  Based in Johannesburg, Hellenic Radio is South Africa’s only 24/7 Greek radio station, on the air since 1995 with programming for Johannesburg’s large Greek community.

Our broadcasts on Hellenic Radio begin on January 9 with one of the best programs from our archive, featuring our interview with the world-renowned athlete and “Ultramarathon Man” Dean Karnazes, and will continue again next week with another program from our archive.  New broadcasts will begin on January 23, and we will soon be posting updates regarding the interviews and features we will air, on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hellenic Radio becomes the seventh station to join the growing Dialogos Radio network, which now spans four continents.  We look forward to welcoming the Greek community of South Africa to the growing community of Dialogos Radio listeners!

Dec 03

Dialogos Radio is now Available on the Kindle, on BlackBerry Devices, and on Windows Phones!

amazon-apps-kindle-us-blackDialogos Radio is excited to announce the availability of our programming and podcasts on several new technological platforms, with the launch of our new app for Kindle devices, with the availability of our podcasts on BlackBerry mobile devices and Windows Phones, and with the availability of our online radio station, Dialogos Radio 24/7, on the BlackBerry!

The new Dialogos Radio app for all of Amazon’s Kindle devices was launched earlier this week and is available worldwide via the Amazon Appstore!  Now, you can listen to our weekly programming, to our podcasts, and to Dialogos Radio 24/7 on the go, as well as hear our most recent programming on demand, read our articles, follow us via all of our social media accounts, and much more!  This app is available for *free* in the Amazon Appstore and in the Amazon Marketplace.  In addition, this version of the app is also compatible on *all* Android mobile devices!  With this new app, Dialogos Radio becomes the first Greek radio outlet in the world to launch an app for the Kindle!

nobex-for-bb_buttonIn addition, Dialogos Radio 24/7 and Dialogos Radio’s podcasts are now available on BlackBerry devices, via the *free* Nobex Radio app, which has officially replaced the BlackBerry Podcast Directory.  Download this free app and take Dialogos Radio, our podcasts and our 24/7 online programming, on the go with you on any BlackBerry device!

windowsphoneFinally, Dialogos Radio’s podcasts are now also available on all Windows Phones and in the Windows 8 operating system! Take our podcasts with you wherever you go on your Windows Phone or listen in via any personal computer with the Windows 8 operating system! Instructions for how to find, download, and listen to our podcasts on both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 are available here.

More exciting new features from the world’s most innovative Greek radio outlet, Dialogos Radio!

Nov 23

John Perkins Interview Featured in Greece’s Hot Doc Magazine!

Perkins2smallOur recent Dialogos Radio interview with John Perkins, the author of such books as “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” has now been featured in print!  Our interview has been translated and published in Greek in Hot Doc, Greece’s foremost investigative journalism magazine.  The magazine will be available for the next two weeks in newsstands throughout Greece, and an electronic version is also available for purchase here.  Check it out today!

Nov 20

NEW PODCAST: John Perkins on how Greece has Fallen Victim to “Economic Hit Men”

confessions-of-an-economic-hit-manThe podcast of our recent Dialogos Interview Series interview with John Perkins, author of such bestselling books as “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” is now online!  Download and listen to this podcast to hear Perkins’ analysis on the economic crisis in Greece and his thoughts as to how Greece has become a victim of “economic hit men,” who work on behalf of international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and multinational corporations.

In addition to our original English-language interview with John Perkins, a second podcast of the interview is available with a Greek translation, for our Greek-speaking listeners!  Both podcasts are now available on our website and is also available in iTunes, TuneIn.com, the BlackBerry Podcast Directory, and on the official Dialogos Radio app for Android devices, which is freely available in the Google Play store!

Nov 09

New Article: Greek Government Sends Riot Police on Overnight Raid of ERT

logo-ertDuring the overnight hours of Thursday, the Greek government, in an unprecedented move in any democratic or free society, sent riot police to invade and vacate the headquarters of ERT, Greece’s national public broadcaster, which was officially shut down by the government on June 11 but which continued to be operated by much of its staff since that day.  Despite the very early hour of the raid, which was meant to minimize media coverage of the event, Dialogos Radio & Media reported the story from its earliest moments, and within an hour of the raid, we published the very first article that appeared in any media outlet anywhere in the world on the police raid of ERT.  This article, which appears in the Daily Kos, can be found here:

In addition, hear our commentary about this unprecedented police raid on this week’s broadcast of Dialogos Radio.