Feb 04

Dialogos Radio Playlist: January 30-31, 2014

These are the songs that we heard on Dialogos Radio’s broadcast for January 30-31, 2014:

  1. Alkionos Ioannidis – Bosporous
  2. Mairi Hronopoulou – Eimai Gynaika Tou Glentiou
  3. Manolis Mitsias – M’ Ena Parapono
  4. Litsa Diamanti – Tango
  5. Elpida – Mes Sti Nihta Hathika
  6. Dimitris Mitropanos – Apopse Tha’ Thela
  7. Katerina Kouka – Me Oneira Apentara
  8. Giota Negka – Ti Na Tou Symbainei
  9. Lavrentis Mahairitsas – Ela Psihoula Mou
  10. Nikos Portokaloglou – Ego o Xenos
  11. Petros Gaitanos – Lathos Epohi
Feb 01

Transcript: Interview with Economist Mark Blyth

markblythThe transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with Brown University professor and economist Mark Blyth, on the historical failure of economic austerity policies, follows below. This interview aired on January 30-31, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is Mark Blyth, a professor of international political economy, and the author of a recent book titled “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea.” Professor, thank you for joining us today.

MB: It’s very nice to be with you.

MN: To get us started, share with our listeners a few words about the history of the idea of economic austerity, of the theories, if you will, that this idea is based upon.

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Jan 29

This Week: Interview with Professor Mark Blyth on the Failures of Austerity

markblythThis week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with Brown University economics professor Mark Blyth, who is the author of a recently-published book titled “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea,” which was named one of the best books of 2013 by the Financial Times. In this week’s interview, Mark Blyth will discuss the historical implementation of economic austerity policies and how they have failed, the flawed rationale of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in enforcing such policies in Europe, the role of the banking industry in the economic decline in Europe, and he will share his analysis on what he believes are the true causes of the economic crisis in Greece and other European countries, plus his proposals for a solution to the economic crisis.

Tune in for this exclusive and enlightening interview, along with some great Greek music, on this week’s English-langauge edition of Dialogos Radio!

Jan 28

Dialogos Radio Playlist: January 23-24, 2014

Here are the songs which aired on Dialogos Radio’s broadcast for January 23-24, 2014:

  1. Hristos Thivaios – Anthoupoli
  2. Marinella – To Palio Roloi
  3. Stelios Kazantzidis – Alloitines Mou Agapes
  4. Rena Koumioti – Klaine Ti Nihta Ta Poulia
  5. Manolis Lidakis – Megalo Paramithi
  6. Areti Ketime – Kali Sou Tihi
  7. Giannis Parios – Mono Agapi
  8. Eleni Dimou – Etoimazo Taxidi
  9. Giorgos Dalaras – Ithela Na S’Antamona
  10. Haris Alexiou – Oi Dikoi Mou Xenoi
  11. Dimitra Galani & Tania Tsanaklidou – Tha S’Agapo
Jan 22

This Week: Interview with Author and Filmmaker Elias Kulukundis

Elias-KulukundisThis week on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series, we will be featuring an interview with the Greek-American writer and filmmaker Elias Kulukundis, author of “The Amorgos Conspiracy,” among other books.  Elias will talk about his life and experiences growing up amongst three different worlds, about his writing and filmmaking, will offer some commentary on the present-day situation in Greece, and will talk about his experiences working in the world of shipping.

Stay tuned for this excellent interview, plus lots of great Greek music, on this week’s broadcast of Dialogos Radio!

Jan 20

Dialogos Radio Playlist: January 16-17, 2014

Here are the songs which aired on Dialogos Radio’s January 16-17, 2014 broadcast – our first show of the new year!

  1. Kostas Makedonas & Pantelis Thalassinos – Ta Smyrneika Tragoudia
  2. Petros Dourdoubakis, Vaggelis Karippis & Antonis Apergis – Oti Anapse Tha Svisei
  3. Eleni Tsaligopoulou – Fteroto Mou Tragoudaki
  4. Xaris & Panos Katsimihas – Anoites Agapes
  5. Eleni Vitali – Afta Pathainei Matia Mou
  6. Alkistis Protopsalti – Efiges Noris
  7. Alhimistes – Pare Me
Jan 18

Dialogos Radio to be Heard on Radio Olympos in Karpathos!

radioolymposDialogos Radio is excited to announce the launch of its broadcasts in the island of Karpathos, Greece, via Radio Olympos 100.2 FM!  Beginning today and continuing every Saturday from 6 to 7 pm Greek time, our Greek-language broadcast will be heard on Radio Olympos, for all of Karpathos as well as the surrounding islands!

Radio Olympos becomes the 9th radio station to join the ever-growing Dialogos Radio network!  We welcome all of our new listeners in Karpathos and look forward to hearing from you!

Jan 18

Transcript: Interview with Economist Albrecht Ritschl

ritschlThe transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with London School of Economics professor Albrecht Ritschl, on the topic of Germany’s unpaid World War II reparations towards Greece, follows below. This interview aired on January 17-18, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is a professor of economic history from the London School of Economics, Albrecht Ritschl. Prof. Ritschl, thank you for joining us today on our program.

AR: My pleasure.

MN: To get us started, share a few words about yourself and your academic background.

AR: I’m originally from Germany, I’m an economist by training, veered off into economic history during my Ph.D., and have been working on this subject throughout my career. I’m a specialist on Germany’s interwar depression and to some extent on the Nazi economy of the 1930s and 1940s.

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Jan 13

Download the New Dialogos Radio Apps for Google Chrome!

chrome-web-storeDialogos Radio continues to lead the way in technological innovations amongst Greek radio outlets! Download our new free apps for the Google Chrome browser and have one-click access to our podcasts, to Dialogos Radio 24/7, and to all of our latest news updates and announcements!  Three apps, all free, and all easily downloadable via the Chrome Web Store!

  • Dialogos Radio app – for news and updates about our program: click here.
  • Dialogos Radio podcasts – for one-click access to all of our podcasts: click here.
  • Dialogos Radio 24/7 – for one-click access to our web radio station: click here.

With these new apps, Dialogos Radio becomes the very first Greek radio outlet which has developed apps specifically for the Google Chrome browser!  Another exciting new development from the world’s most innovative and creative Greek radio program, Dialogos Radio!

Jan 12

This Week: Interview with Professor Albert Ritschl, on German War Reparations to Greece

ritschlThis week, Dialogos Radio returns with its first broadcast of 2014 and an interview with London School of Economics professor of economic history Albert Ritschl. In this week’s Dialogos Interview Series, Professor Ritschl will analyze the issue of unpaid German war reparations and war debts from World War II towards Greece.  He will share with our listeners a historical overview of the issue, the current political status of the reparations and war debts in Germany, and estimates regarding the value of these reparations and debts today. He will also discuss Germany’s history as one of the foremost “debt transgressors” of the 20th century.

In addition to this interview, we will broadcast a second interview with the editorial staff of Portes Magazine, regarding the magazine’s new on-air collaboration with Dialogos Radio.  And, of course, lots of great Greek music is in store as well.  Tune in for all this and more, on this week’s edition of Dialogos Radio!

Jan 12

Check Out the New Dialogos Radio App for BlackBerry Devices!

blackberry-app-worldThe new Dialogos Radio app for all BlackBerry mobile devices is now here! Our new app allows users to take all of Dialogos Radio’s podcasts, plus our latest news, updates and announcements in both English and Greek, on the go with them anywhere in the world, on their BlackBerry! Download the app for free today, from the BlackBerry App World!

Jan 08

Dialogos Radio To Be Heard in South Africa

hellenicradioWe are excited to announce the expansion of Dialogos Radio’s broadcast network, with the addition of Hellenic Radio 1422 AM, which will begin airing our weekly Greek-language broadcasts each Thursday, from 1-2 pm local time, beginning Thursday, January 9!  Based in Johannesburg, Hellenic Radio is South Africa’s only 24/7 Greek radio station, on the air since 1995 with programming for Johannesburg’s large Greek community.

Our broadcasts on Hellenic Radio begin on January 9 with one of the best programs from our archive, featuring our interview with the world-renowned athlete and “Ultramarathon Man” Dean Karnazes, and will continue again next week with another program from our archive.  New broadcasts will begin on January 23, and we will soon be posting updates regarding the interviews and features we will air, on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hellenic Radio becomes the seventh station to join the growing Dialogos Radio network, which now spans four continents.  We look forward to welcoming the Greek community of South Africa to the growing community of Dialogos Radio listeners!

Dec 24

Dialogos Radio Playlist: December 19-20, 2013

Here are the songs which aired on the special Dialogos Radio holiday broadcast, on Decemer 19-20, 2013:

  1. Kalin Esperan Arhontes (Cretan version of a traditional Greek Christmas carol)
  2. O Mikros Timpanistis (Greek version of “Little Drummer Boy”)
  3. Pashalis Terzis – Parastratima
  4. Glykeria – Stin Kalyva Tin Diki Mou
  5. Dimitris Mitropanos, Themis Adamantidis & Dimitris Basis – Apopse Thelo Na Pio
  6. Natassa Theodoridou – Agriolouloudo
  7. Antonis Remos – O Xenyhtis
Dec 17

This week: Special Holiday Broadcast Featuring Comedian Angelo Tsarouchas!

AngelotsarouchasThis week on Dialogos Radio, tune in for a special holiday broadcast which will close out 2013 in style! On our broadcast and the Dialogos Interview Series this week, we will be speaking with the renowned Greek-Canadian comedian and actor Angelo Tsarouchas.  Known as “The Funny Greek,” Angelo’s comedy has been featured in numerous television specials, films, and in front of packed audiences all across the world, including recently in Athens, Greece!  In addition, Angelo has also appeared on the big screen as an actor, having worked alongside such celebrity names as Robert DeNiro and Denzel Washington.  In this week’s interview, Angelo will talk about his comedy and acting, what inspires his work, his recent appearance in Athens, and he will share a special message to the world about Greece.

In addition to the interview, we will also be featuring clips of some of Angelo’s best stand-up comedy performances, as well as some special music selected especially for the Greek holiday season.

Don’t miss this week’s broadcast and our interview and feature with Angelo Tsarouchas, only on Dialogos Radio!

Dec 17

Dialogos Radio Playlist: December 12-13

These are the songs that we aired on Dialogos Radio for our December 12-13, 2013 broadcast:

  1. Beba Blans – To Karavi
  2. Doukissa – Gia Koita Kosme Ena Kormi
  3. Giannis Poulopoulos – Nihtose Horis Feggari
  4. Stamatis Kokotas – Pes Pos Me Antamoses
  5. Dimitra Galani – Aspro Peristeri
  6. Eleni Dimou – Anysiho
  7. Giannis Kotsiras – Efapax
  8. Aleka Kanellidou – Mia Peripetia
  9. Melina Aslanidou – Paei Kairos
  10. Stefanos Korkolis – Se Thelo (Ti Voglio)
  11. Giorgos Zambetas – Hilia Peristeria