Apr 04

This Week: Interview with Turkish Journalist Gürkan Özturan

gurkan1This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature a timely interview with Turkish journalist Gürkan Özturan of Dokuz8news, who will speak to us about recent developments coming out of Turkey which are relevant to Greece and to Europe more broadly. Özturan will discuss the upcoming constitutional referendum in Turkey and its potential implications, Turkish relations with the European Union, the possibility of a Kurdish state and Turkey’s potential response, and crackdowns on academic and journalistic freedom in Turkey since last summer’s failed coup attempt.

Tune in for this interview, plus some great Greek music, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Apr 04

Commentary of the Week: A Greek Perspective on Trump, Brexit, and Media Hysteria (March 22-28, 2017)

commentaryoftheweek(Originally published in TheDuran.com)

By Michael Nevradakis

It’s a typical winter’s evening in Athens. This has been a cold winter, and the air is brisk. And wherever I go, the sweet smell of “success” is in the air. By “success” I am referring to none other than the vaunted “European dream,” and the “success story” of the Greek economy, as described by Greece’s former prime minister Antonis Samaras in late 2014, and as often repeated—even if not in those exact terms—by Greece’s “first time left” prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, far more recently. That scent of success comes from the noxious fumes of the fireplaces and makeshift furnaces which newly impoverished Greeks have lit to keep warm, since well over 80 percent of households are said to be unable to afford absurdly taxed heating oil for their homes.

This piece though is not meant to be about Greece, but about the United States, the anti-Russian hysteria that has taken hold, and the attacks that the newly inaugurated Trump administration is facing from protesters, the media, and the “deep state.” What does all of this have to do with Greece though? Everything. Crisis-stricken Greece represents a microcosm of what is transpiring in the United States and much of Europe today, and offers a useful lens through which to analyze current developments. Continue reading