Jun 27

Our Latest for Mint Press News: Greece Two Years After the “No” Vote

mintpressnewsIn our latest piece for Mint Press News, titled “Two Years After Resounding “No” Vote, Greece Still Says “Yes” To Austerity,” we take a look at conditions in Greece today, two years after the “no” vote in the July 5, 2015 Greek referendum. With the “no” result in that referendum having been turned into a “yes,” we look at new austerity measures which are being implemented in Greece today by the SYRIZA-led coalition government, and which have been agreed upon for the future, and the difficulties that ordinary Greek citizens are facing.

Find this article here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/two-years-no-vote-greece-yes-austerity/229231/.

Jun 21

Our Latest for Mint Press News: Greece as a Guinea Pig for a Cashless Society

mintpressnewsOur latest article, titled “How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society,” has been published today by Mint Press News. How has Greece become a modern-day laboratory for the elimination of cash, and what are the risks of a cashless society? This article breaks down the measures that have been enacted in Greece with the goal of eliminating cash from circulation, purportedly in the name of combating tax evasion, and examines similar measures enacted in other countries across Europe and worldwide. The article then questions the reasons being presented to justify the elimination of cash, and examines the potential consequences and ramifications of such a move.

Read this article here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/greece-guinea-pig-cashless-society/229088/.

Jun 13

This Week: Dialogos Radio Season Finale & Part Two of Interview with Spiros Lavdiotis

Athens generic 2This week, Dialogos Radio closes out the 2016-2017 broadcast season with one final program. On our broadcast this week, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature part two of our interview with Greek economist, analyst, and author Spiros Lavdiotis, a former analyst for the Central Bank of Canada.

In this portion of the interview, Lavdiotis discusses the necessity for Greece to depart from the Eurozone, the steps which can be taken in order for this departure to take place, and the reasons why he feels this is the best option for Greece and its economy.

Tune in for this interview and for our season finale, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio.

Jun 05

Interview on Greek Water Privatization Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsOur interview with Maria Kanellopoulou of the Greek activist organization “Save Greek Water,” has been published in Mint Press News.

In this interview, Kanellopoulou discusses the impending privatization of Greece’s major water utilities, the potential impact privatization would have on Greek economy and on the quality of water in Greece, and on the experience of water privatization in other European countries.

Find this interview (in English) here: http://www.mintpressnews.com/greece-forced-to-sell-public-water-utilities-under-eu-imposed-privatization-plan/228479/.

Jun 01

Transcript: Interview with Whistleblower Zoe Georganta on ELSTAT Scandal

georganta2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with Zoe Georganta, professor of econometrics at the University of Macedonia in Greece, former board member of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), and whistleblower. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of May 3-10, 2017. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is Zoe Georganta. Professor Georganta is a faculty member at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece and is a former board member of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, known as ELSTAT. Professor Georganta first became widely known in Greece in 2011, when she publicly presented evidence showing that Greece’s deficit figures for 2009 were inflated, leading to Greece being brought under the supervision of the so-called “troika” [the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank]. She will speak to us today about this issue and where the judicial cases which stemmed from it stand today, and about the potential continued misrepresentation of Greece’s economic figures by ELSTAT today. Professor Georganta, thank you for taking the time to join us today on our program.

ZG: Thank you, Mr. Nevradakis, for inviting me here for this interview. Continue reading