Nov 08

Austerity and Disaster Capitalism in Greece and Puerto Rico: Two-Part Interview

mintpressnewsIn a two-part series of interviews for Mint Press News with Déborah Berman-Santana, retired professor of geography and ethnic studies at Mills College in Oakland, California, we take a look at the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico and its colonial and economic similarities with Greece. Part one of the series focuses on Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and colonial status and its striking similarities with Greece, while part two focuses on the “recovery” in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and the destructive effects of disaster capitalism.

Part one:

Part two:

Nov 08

This Week: Nikos Logothetis on ELSTAT Scandal, Augmentation of Greece’s Deficit and Debt

nikoslogothetis3This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with Nikos Logothetis, former member of the board with the Greek Statistical Authority, also known as ELSTAT.

Logothetis will discuss the allegations that have been made that Greece’s deficit and debt figures were augmented fraudulently by ELSTAT and its former president, Andreas Georgiou, to provide the impetus to drag Greece under troika supervision and under the destructive austerity and memorandum regime. Logothetis will speak to us about these allegations, the recent judicial decisions against Georgiou, and the court cases which are still ongoing.