This Week: Interview with World-Renowned Scholar and Author Henry Giroux

giroux2This week, Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series are excited to present an interview with world-renowned scholar and author Henry A. Giroux, Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and founder of the “Public Intellectuals Project.”  The author of several books, including recent titles such as “Education and the Crisis of Public Values,” “Youth in Revolt: Reclaiming a Democratic Future,” and “Neoliberalism’s War Against Higher Education,” Giroux has made countless appearances on television, radio, in the press, and in public all across the world.

In this week’s interview, Giroux will discuss and analyze the ever-increasing influence of neoliberal thought and doctrine all across the world, in politics, economics, and society as a whole.  He will draw parallels between the current economic and social crisis in Greece with similar developments in the United States and much of the Western world, and he will discuss how education, the media, and the poor, in paloizosrticular, have been impacted by neoliberalism and what he describes as “casino capitalism.”

In addition to this week’s interview, we will present a special musical segment dedicated to the life and music of one of the most significant Greek-Cypriot musicians and composers of the 20th century, Manos Loizos.  We will hear some of his greatest songs, as well as facts and important moments from his life and his musical career.

Join us for our interview with Henry Giroux, our special musical feature dedicated to Manos Loizos, plus our commentary of the week and more, all this week on Dialogos Radio!

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