Our Investigative Series of Articles on the History of Corruption, Lawlessness, and Censorship in Greece’s Media

In 2001, 12 years before the forced shutdown of ERT, the Greek government sent riot police to forcefully shut down 66 independent radio stations in Athens.

In collaboration with Truthout, Dialogos Media is presenting its new, investigative series of articles which examine the long and troubled history of corruption, lawlessness, and censorship in Greece’s media landscape. This series of articles investigates, in depth, these longstanding trends in Greek media, a situation which has been worsening in recent years, in the midst of Greece’s severe economic and political crisis.

The portions of this investigative series of articles which have so far been published in Truthout include:

In addition, this series will be translated into French, with the following portions having been published so far:

The fifth installment of our investigative series was also featured by Greece’s “Kouti tis Pandoras” news website, while Michael Nevradakis, producer/host of Dialogos Radio, was quoted in a similar article on corruption and censorship in Greece’s media published by The Christian Science Monitor.

We are working on having the Greek version of this series published soon as well.

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