Announcement Regarding our Broadcasts

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, there have been several instances where Dialogos Radio did not air as scheduled on several of the radio stations which comprise our 15-station broadcast nework, either on the air or on their online streams. We are aware of the issue, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that Dialogos Radio is heard across the entire network each week, on time and as scheduled, without any problems. Unfortunately though, this is not always possible. The radio stations which make up our network are, for the most part, small, non-commercial or volunteer-run or community-based stations, with small staffs and budgets. These stations often encounter technical problems of their own, as well as human error and other issues. Unfortunately, from our end, there is not a whole lot that we can do about such problems when they arise. From the moment we send our recorded programming to each station in our network to air, it’s completely out of our hands and we can’t predict or prevent issues which each individual station may encounter.

For those listeners who may have missed one or more of our recent shows, there are always alternatives: you can tune to one of the other stations in our broadcast network (the full lineup is available at, you can hear our broadcasts daily on our online station Dialogos Radio 24/7, or you can hear our programming on-demand direct from our archives, at Whatever happens, we will ensure that there will always be multiple ways to tune in to our broadcasts.

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