Dialogos Radio Now Heard Worldwide via Shortwave!

global24No Voice of Greece?  No problem!  Dialogos Radio is excited to announce that its English-language broadcasts are now available practically worldwide via shortwave radio! Picking up where the Voice of Greece left off when it was shut down by the incompetent, criminal Greek government, Dialogos Radio’s weekly broadcasts are being aired on a trial basis on Thursday evenings at 21:00 UTC (23:00 Greek time, 16:00 Eastern time) on Global24 Radio.

Hear Global24 on 9395 kHz (31m) worldwide, or listen live online. Global24 becomes the 17th station in the ever-expanding Dialogos Radio broadcast network.

We’ve already received our first reception report all the way from Thessaloniki, Greece, and look forward to welcoming our new worldwide audience!  Dialogos Radio: the ONLY Greek radio program broadcasting worldwide…even on the high seas!

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