This Week: Interview with Bestselling Author, Economist, and Investigative Journalist Greg Palast

greg-palastThis week on Dialogos Radio, we will be featuring, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, a special and exclusive interview with New York Times bestselling author, economist, and BBC investigative journalist Greg Palast.  In this week’s interview, Greg Palast will talk about the latest economic and political developments in Greece and throughout the Eurozone, his recent encounter and interview with former Greek minister Theodoros Pangalos, about gold mining and privatization of land, utilities, and natural resources in Greece and elsewhere, and much more.  This will be the final episode of the 2012-13 broadcast season for Dialogos Radio, and we will be going out with a bang!

Tune in this week on our English-language broadcasts on WUSB on Thursday, and KVRX on Friday (broadcast times and information available on the right-hand side of our website).

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