Interview with Greek Whistleblower Zoe Georganta Published in Mint Press News

mintpressnewsHow was the Greek budget deficit falsified and worsened in order to bring Greece under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund and the “troika”? What claims have been made by whistleblowers from Greece’s Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and what evidence have they presented? What charges is ELSTAT’s former president facing as a result of the evidence submitted by whistleblowers? Does Greece’s current large primary budget surplus actually exist, or is it a product of “creative accounting”?

Professor Zoe Georganta of the University of Macedonia in Greece and former board member of ELSTAT, discussed all of these important issues in a recent Dialogos Radio interview, featured in print this week in Mint Press News.

Find this interview here:

Print - Εκτύπωση

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