Our Latest for MPN: How To Become A Greek Oligarch In Seven Easy Steps

mintpressnewsIn our latest piece for Mint Press News, titled “How To Become A Greek Oligarch In Seven Easy Steps,” we take a factual yet satirical look at the intertwined relationship between the current government of Greece and a new breed of oligarchs, exemplified by the cases of Ivan Savvidis and Dimitris Maris. Far from fulfilling its pre-election pledge to “crush” the oligarchs, the current SYRIZA-led government has demonstrated its willingness to “play ball” with the oligarchy, and particularly those oligarchs who are politically favorable to the supposedly “radical leftist” SYRIZA.

Find this article here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/how-to-become-a-greek-oligarch-in-seven-easy-steps/232971/.

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