The Inflation of Greece’s Deficit and Debt Figures and the Trials of Andreas Georgiou

mintpressnewsThe mainstream narrative regarding the cause of the severe economic crisis Greece has experienced is that the Greek people and Greek state were irresponsible with their finances, lived “beyond their means” at the expense of EU taxpayers, and provided overly generous social benefits to an underproductive and lazy populace.

A different view exists, however — one that is based on allegations that Greece was driven into the memorandum and austerity regime not by economic incompetence and cultural deficiencies, but by a fraud that was perpetrated against the Greek people and the country of Greece.

In our latest for Mint Press News, whistleblower Nikos Logothetis, former board member for the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) details these allegations of fraud and shares the latest on the criminal and civil cases and verdicts against former ELSTAT president and IMF employee Andreas Georgiou.

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