About Us

An introduction
Dialogos Media was founded in 2010, and since then, has developed a presence in broadcast, online, and print media, both in the United States and in Greece. Our group of media outlets includes Dialogos Radio, a weekly radio program which airs on 27 radio stations across five countries and four continents; Dialogos Radio 24/7, an online radio station broadcasting quality Greek music and the best programming from the Dialogos Radio archive; and our written work, which periodically appears in MintPress News, and previously has appeared in Truthout, the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and other Greek and international publications. All of our media outlets operate on an entirely non-commercial, non-profit basis.

Humble beginnings
Dialogos Media started as a weekly radio program by the name of Austin Hellenic Radio, which aired onahrsmall the student-run KVRX 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas beginning on August 27, 2010. Initially airing in the early mornings, Austin Hellenic Radio soon made a name for itself in the Austin area for its broadcasts, which featured quality Greek music from multiple eras and genres, special segments on Greek music and culture, and weekly interviews with notable personalities from the Greek and Greek-American communities. The launch of our broadcasts coincided with the the beginnings of the economic and political crisis in Greece, which received a tremendous amount of international media attention, and which Austin Hellenic Radio covered, through its broadcasts, practically from day one. After one year of early morning broadcasts, Austin Hellenic Radio moved to a “prime time” slot on KVRX’s schedule in August 2011, while in early 2012, the program began to be rebroadcast by WUSB 90.1 FM for listeners in the Long Island, New York region, with the name Long Island Hellenic Radio. Broadcasts on KVRX continued until spring 2016.

New identity: the birth of Dialogos Radio and our expansion into print
Beginning in the summer of 2012, Austin Hellenic Radio and Long Island Hellenic Radio, following almost two years of steady growth in both listenership and popularity, were unified under a new name, Dialogos Radio. Our broadcasts continued on both KVRX and WUSB, and in addition, our Huffington Post column was launched in June 2012, to provide an additional outlet for news and commentary about Greece. In September 2012, the host of Dialogos Radio, Michael Nevradakis, earned the opportunity to relocate to Greece as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, and he took Dialogos Radio and Dialogos Media along with him. Dialogos Radio continued its weekly broadcasts from a new studio in Athens, and soon began to be rebroadcast on Star Radio 104.6 FM for listeners in the islands of Rodos and Symi, Greece. Our writing in the Huffington Post also continued, and soon expanded to another online outlet, the Daily Kos, as well.

In November 2012, Dialogos Radio launched its new online radio counterpart, Dialogos Radio 24/7, which featured an extensive and diverse playlist of quality Greek music, as well as programming and interviews from the vast archive of Dialogos Radio and Austin Hellenic Radio. In April 2013, Dialogos Radio expanded again, as our broadcasts began to be aired on City International 106.1 FM in Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia, until broadcasts on this station ceased in January 2015 after multiple instances of censorship on the part of the station. In October 2013, Dialogos Radio further expanded, launching its broadcast in the city of Volos, Greece on Radio Mythos 102.2 FM, where it briefly aired and in Australia on the 24-hour Greek-Australian radio station Radio ENA, which broadcasts in the greater Adelaide region. In November 2013, the Dialogos Radio network grew further, as our program began to be rebroadcast twice per week on the Radio Symi web radio station.  With the start of the new year 2014, Dialogos Radio expanded to a fourth continent, launching its broadcasts on the Greek radio station of South Africa, Hellenic Radio, based in Johannesburg. In addition, Dialogos Radio expanded its network in Greece, as its broadcasts were launched on Radio Olympos 100.2 FM in the island of Karpathos.

In April 2014, Dialogos Radio began a major new collaboration with one of Greece’s largest online news portals, The Press Project, and with its English-language counterpart, The Press Project International. This collaboration includes the broadcasting of weekly Greek news roundups produced by The Press Project’s editorial staff, and the featuring of Dialogos Radio’s content on The Press Project’s website. This collaboration lasted until September 2014.

In September 2014, with the launch of Dialogos Radio’s 2014-15 broadcast season, the program’s network expanded further, adding stations in Australia (2MM Radio in Sydney, Darwin, and Wollongong), Crete, Greece (Kriti FM 101.5 in Hania) and in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) (CKDU 88.1 FM), in addition to adding its Greek-language broadcast to the KVRX radio lineup. This was followed up in October 2014 by the addition of our program to the lineup of the Metadeftero Programma, the online continuation of Greek public radio ERT’s famous Second Program. Further expansion continued in October and November 2014, when Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts were heard on the air in the Windy City of Chicago for the first time, on WCRX 88.1 FM, while Dialogos Radio also replaced the void left by the shutdown of “The Voice of Greece” by launching its own shortwave broadcasts on Global24 Radio, heard worldwide. These broadcasts continued through the end of spring 2015. This was followed up by the addition of our broadcasts to the schedule of e-roi.gr web radio in January 2015, while in April 2015, our broadcasts began to be aired on Ellines Radio.

In June 2015, our broadcast network reached its 20th station, as our broadcasts began airing on Radio Begleri, while our network further expanded in September 2015 with the launch of our broadcasts in Perth, Australia, on Hellenic Radio 161.95 MHz VHF Hi-Band. In April 2016, our broadcasts were added to the Radio Greece AU (ended September 2017) and Radio Mana Ellada web radio stations. In September 2016, our broadcasts extended to America’s heartland, on KXMS 88.7 FM in Joplin, Missouri. In December 2016, Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts began to be heard on the newly-launched Radio Cobleskill 105.9 FM in the Capital Region of New York. In January 2017, Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts were picked up by Global Community Radio 1 and will air on some of its affiliate stations around the world, including WLRI 92.9 FM (Gap/Lancaster, PA), KLQS 96.7 FM (Agua Dulce, CA), KFZR 93.3 FM (Frazier Park, CA), KIEZ 106.7 FM (Monroe, LA), and the online radio stations WMS-DB, Wings Radio 1 and KNDY Extra. Broadcasts on the latter two of these stations ceased in autumn 2017. In February 2017, Agape Greek Radio began airing Dialogos Radio programming. In fall 2017, the Dialogos Radio affiliate network further expanded through the addition of broadcasts on the Greek-Canadian radio station CHIR (heard on Rogers and Bell Fibre digital cable in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Hamilton, and the Niagara region), on WRCT 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh, on WXDR 98.9 FM (Dolphin Radio) in New Orleans, on WRFN 103.7 & 107.1 FM (Radio Free Nashville) in Nashville, and on the online radio station The Global Voice.

Our mission
From the beginning, our mission at Dialogos Media has been to promote Greek culture and a positive image of Greece and Cyprus, as well as to provide informative interviews and analyses about Greece and Cyprus, particularly in light of the economic crisis. Our mission can be divided into two core categories:

Information and analysis: the core of our informational programming is the weekly Dialogos Interview Series. Since 2010, we have interviewed personalities from Greece, the Greek diaspora, as well as renowned individuals who are not of Greek heritage but who spoke about important issues pertaining to Greece and to Hellenism more broadly. We’ve interviewed economists, university professors, filmmakers, musicians, artists, political analysts, journalists, attorneys, scientists, scholars, activists, businesspeople and entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs and nutritionists, students, and others. Some of the most notable individuals that we’ve had the opportunity to interview have included renowned scholars Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, and Henry GirouxNew York Times bestselling authors John Perkins and Greg Palast, economists Mark BlythHa-Joon ChangLeonidas VatikiotisRoger Bootle, Warren Mosler, Stergios Skaperdas, and Yanis Varoufakis, investigative journalist Aris Hatzistefanou, Greek constitutional law scholar Giorgos Kasimatis, scholars such as James Petras, renowned chef and author Diane Kochilas, famous Greek musician Yota Nega, famous Greek band Imam Baildi, renowned Greek comedians and entertainers such as Angelo Tsarouchas and Yiannis Pappas, renowned athlete and “Ultramarathon Man” Dean Karnazes, and NASA scientist Pericles Papadopoulos, among many others. In addition to our weekly interviews, we’ve also frequently aired commentaries and analyses on a number of important issues pertaining to Greece and the worldwide Greek community.

Culture: we’ve promoted Greek culture through the airing of a diverse range of Greek music, from a broad variety of musical styles, eras, and genres. We’ve featured a number of special musical segments that have focused on everything from the music and compositions of Nikos Xylouris, to the music of the Greek islands (“nisiotika”). In addition, many of the interviews that we have aired as part of the Dialogos Interview Series have featured the work and accomplishments of Greek artists, musicians, filmmakers, and representatives of Greek cultural institutions.

Our radio broadcasts began, and continue to air to this day, on collegiate radio stations in the United States. In keeping with the experimental and educational nature that is native to college radio, Dialogos Radio has been at the forefront of embracing new technological tools to expand its broadcasts and overall reach, in a manner that is likely rare for community-based, non-commercial media outlets.  Our involvement and experimentation with new technology has included the following efforts:

  • Development of a freely-available app for Android devices, available in the Google Play Store.
  • Development of a freely-available app for Kindle devices, available in the Amazon Appstore. This is the first-ever Greek radio app created for the Kindle!
  • Development of a freely-available app for BlackBerry devices, available in the BlackBerry App World!
  • Development of three freely-available apps for Google Chrome, available in the Chrome Web Store!
  • Availability of our podcasts since day one of our broadcasts, with our podcasts now being included in iTunes, TuneIn.com, the Nobex Radio, weCast, Player FM, and Stitcher apps, our Android and Kindle apps, on the Windows Phone and in Windows 8 and 10 via the Windows Store, and elsewhere. We are one of an extremely small number of Greek podcasts included in such directories.
  • Archived programming available on demand: to accommodate listeners who were otherwise unable to hear our FM broadcasts, we’ve made our full broadcasts available on demand on our website and through our Android app.
  • The development of a web radio station, Dialogos Radio 24/7, featuring great Greek music and all of our archived programming, in high quality audio. Dialogos Radio 24/7 is listed in major directories such as iTunes Radio (where it is one of a very small handful of Greek stations officially listed), TuneIn.com, and others.  It is also available on BlackBerry devices via the Nobex Radio and Simple Radio apps.
  • A heavy social media presence, primarily through our constant and rapidly developing presence on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve already been recognized on a number of occasions for the quality of our broadcasts and our journalism. Some of the distinctions that we have earned thus far include:

  • Best podcast and best talk-news-interview program (Greek Radio Awards 2012-13)
  • College radio specialty show of the year (Radioflag.com, 2012)
  • KVRX community radio program of the year (2010-11)
  • Awarded the Peter J. Agris Memorial Journalism Scholarship by the Alpha Omega Foundation, for our journalistic endeavors (Summer 2011)
  • Featured on main evening newscast of Alpha TV, one of Greece’s largest television networks (November 2011)

In addition to the aforementioned distinctions, our work has occasionally been featured in major media outlets such as National Public Radio (NPR), The Voice of GreeceHot Doc magazine (Greece), Athina 9,84 FM (Greece), The Daily Texan, the Austin-American Statesman, and many others.

Dialogos Radio and Dialogos Media both maintain collaborations and content-sharing agreements with a number of notable media and online outlets, including:

Dialogos Radio is also a member of the International Association of Internet Broadcasters (IAIB).

Dialogos Radio is a production of Dialogos of Cobleskill, Incorporated, a legally-registered not-for-profit corporation based in New York, United States and license holder of radio station WCSQ-LP 105.9 FM.

Our Worldwide Network

Long Island, NY, USA WUSB 90.1-107.3 FM & wusb.fm
Chicago, IL, USA WCRX 88.1 FM & wcrxfm.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA WRCT 88.3 FM & wrct.org
New Orleans, LA, USA WXDR 98.9 FM Dolphin Radio & dolphinradio.org
Nashville, TN, USA WRFN 103.7-107.1 FM Radio Free Nashville & radiofreenashville.org
Joplin, MO, US KXMS 88.7 FM
Capital Region, NY, USA WCSQ 105.9 FM Radio Cobleskill
Gap/Lancaster, PA, USA WLRI 92.9 FM & mywlri.com
Agua Dulce, CA, USA KLQS 96.7 FM & online stream
Frazier Park, CA, USA KFZR 93.3 FM
Monroe, LA, USA KIEZ 106.7 FM
Karpathos, Greece Radio Olympos 100.2 FM & radioolympos.gr
Sydney, Australia 2MM Radio 1665 AM & 2mm.com.au
Darwin, Australia 2MM Radio 1656 AM & 2mm.com.au
Wollongong, Australia 2MM Radio 99.3 FM & 2mm.com.au
Adelaide, Australia Radio Ena 87.6 FM & 152.2 MHz VHF Hi-Band & radioena.com
Perth, Australia Hellenic Radio 161.95 MHz VHF Hi-Band & hellenicradioperth.gr
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City,
Ottawa, Hamilton, Niagara region
CHIR Greek Radio (Rogers & Bell Fibre digital cable) & chir.com
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada CKDU 88.1 FM & ckdu.ca
Johannesburg, South Africa Hellenic Radio 1422 AM & hellenicradio.org.za
Online – Worldwide Metadeftero Programma & metadeftero.gr
Online – Worldwide Agape Greek Radio & agapegreekradio.com
Online – Worldwide Radio Begleri & radiobegleri.com
Online – Worldwide The Global Voice & theglobalvoice.info
Online – Worldwide Radio Mana Ellada & manaellada.net
Online – Worldwide WMS-DB & wms.airtime.pro
Online – Worldwide Dialogos Radio 24/7 & dialogosmedia.org

The Dialogos Radio Staff

headshot_radio Michael Nevradakis (Producer & Host)
Zoe Hapsis (Vice-President)