Coming Up

Coming up on future English-language broadcasts of Dialogos Radio:

    • April 26-May 2: Interview with economic analyst Roger Bootle of Capital Economics in London, winner of the Wolfson Prize in Economics, in a discussion on Brexit and its aftermath, prospects for the British economy, the Eurozone and the EU, and on the possibility of other countries exiting the Eurozone or the EU. ALSO: Interview with Leonidas Babanis, organizer of this year’s Hellas Panorama festival in New York City.
    • May 10-16: Interview with economist and author Spiros Lavdiotis, a former analyst for the Bank of Canada, who will speak to us about austerity, the history of the Greek debt, and the steps that Greece could follow in order to depart from the Eurozone in an orderly fashion (Part I of a two-part interview).

Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Our English-language broadcasts air on alternating weeks with our Greek-language broadcasts. View our Greek-language schedule here.

Future interviews – dates to be announced:

    • More great interviews coming your way soon, from Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series!