Oct 15

GreekTV.com Features Dialogos Radio!

GreekTV-logoCheck out the recent feature of GreekTV.com on Dialogos Radio, including an interview with producer and host Michael Nevradakis, which was recently published! In this feature, Nevradakis discusses the history of Dialogos Radio and what inspired him to launch the program in 2010, the philosophy which guides Dialogos Radio’s programming, the use of new media and technological tools to expand the range of our broadcasts, and interesting moments from the show’s history.

Find this interview here: http://greektv.com/qa-with-michael-nevradakis/.

Oct 08

This Week: Interview with Prof. Déborah Berman-Santana on the Economic Crisis in Puerto Rico and its Similarities with Greece

deborah1This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an exclusive and timely interview that you will not want to miss, with Déborah Berman-Santana, recently-retired professor of Geography and Ethnic Studies at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Berman-Santana, a native of Puerto Rico, spoke to us about the economic crisis which is impacting Puerto Rico at this time and the many similarities which exist with the crisis in Greece, including the similarities in which the crisis is being responded to on a political level, with the enforcement of harsh austerity measures, privatizations, and foreign technocrats. Furthermore, Berman-Santana will speak about the island’s colonial history and how the current crisis is deeply rooted in this history, how the people of Puerto Rico are responding, her thoughts on the current situation in Greece and her own interest in Greece and the Greek culture, including her current visit to Greece.

In addition to this interview, we will air our commentary of the week segment, plus some great Greek music and much more! Tune in this week, exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Sep 25

Our Interview with Irene Archos of GreekAmericanGirl.com Featured in GreekTV.com

greekamericangirl2Read our recent interview with Greek-American professor, journalist, and blogger Irene Archos, founder of GreekAmericanGirl.com, who recently spoke to us about her website, about life as a Greek woman of the diaspora and the challenges members of the diaspora often face when living between two (or more) cultures, and her new initiative which will attempt to bridge Greek women of the global Greek community.

Find this interview on GreekTV.comhttp://greektv.com/living-as-an-ellinida-in-the-diaspora-an-interview-with-irene-archos-of-greek-american-girl/.

May 17

Transcript: Interview with Irene Archos of Greekamericangirl.com

greekamericangirl2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with journalist and educator Irene Archos, founder of Greekamericangirl.com, who spoke to us about issues facing members of the Greek diaspora, particularly women and families. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of May 7-13, 2015. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is Greek-American journalist and blogger Irene Archos. Irene is the founder of the well-known blog Greek-American Girl, a longtime teacher in the New York City public school system, and an adjunct professor at Nassau Community College in New York. Irene, welcome to our program today.

IA: Thank you Michael and the fine folks at Dialogos Media. It’s a pleasure to be here, it’s really an honor.

MN: And to get us started, share with us a few words about your very successful blog, Greek-American Girl. How did the idea for this blog first come about and what kind of content is featured on the blog?

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May 07

This Week: Interview with Journalist and Educator Irene Archos of Greekamericangirl.com

greekamericangirl2This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with Greek-American journalist, blogger, and educator Irene Archos, adjunct professor at Nassau Community College and founder of greekamericangirl.com. In this week’s interview, Archos will speak to us about her blog and how it got started, as well as about pertinent issues facing families and particularly women of the Greek diaspora, such as the pressures to marry Greek and to raise children within the Greek culture, plus the difficulties which often exist when living between two or more cultures within a community of the diaspora. Finally, Archos will also discuss the new foundation which she aims to establish, which seeks to bring together Greek women all across the globe.

renakoumiotiIn addition, we will feature our commentary of the week segment, where we will analyze the latest moves by the Greek government to move forward with more austerity measures and privatizations of key state assets. Finally, we will also feature as part of this week’s broadcast a special musical tribute to renowned Greek singer Rena Koumioti.

Hear all this and much more this week, exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Apr 01

This Week: Interview with Scholar and Analyst James Petras

jamespetras2This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with renowned scholar, author, and analyst James Petras, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Binghamton in New York. Petras is a former adviser to political leaders such as Andreas Papandreou in Greece, Salvador Allende in Chile, and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and in this interview, he will talk with us about his relationship with Andreas Papandreou and the reasons why he belives that the Papandreou family and PASOK destroyed Greece, as well as why he believes SYRIZA is now following in PASOK’s footsteps. In addition, Petras will analyze for us the first two months of the SYRIZA-led coalition government in Greece, and will share with us his proposals as to the policy actions he believes Greece should undertake to break free of the vicious cycle of austerity and the economic crisis.

In addition, tune in to hear our commentary of the week segment, where we will discuss the latest adverse developments and actions taken by the coalition government in Greece. On our program this week, we will also feature music especially selected for the upcoming Greek Orthodox Easter holiday.

Tune in for all this and more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Mar 26

This Week: Interview with Éric Toussaint of the Committee for the Abolition of Third-World Debt

toussaint3This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an extremely timely interview with political scientist and historian Éric Toussaint, senior lecturer at the University of Liege in Belgium and spokesperson for the Committee for the Abolition of Third-World Debt (CADTM). Toussaint will speak to us about his recent meetings with members of the new Greek government and the establishment of a commission to conduct an audit of Greece’s public debt, which Toussaint will be a part of. Toussaint will talk about previous debt audit commissions that he has been part of and examples from other countries which Greece could follow, and he will also discuss the potential political ramifications of this audit of Greece’s debt.

markopoulosIn addition to this week’s interview, we will feature our commentary of the week segment, on the issue of national independence in light of Greece’s Independence Day on March 25th, and we will also feature a special musical tribute to the life and music of renowned Greek composer Yannis Markopoulos.

Tune in for all this and much more this week, exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Mar 19

This Week: Interview with Thanasis Gounaris of the Pirate Party of Greece

SAMSUNG CSCThis week, Dialogos Radio returns after a one-week hiatus, where this week as part of the Dialogos Interview Series we will be speaking with educator Thanasis Gounaris, who is the president of the board of the Pirate Party of Greece. Gounaris will talk about the Pirate Party in Greece and in Europe, its history, and its positions on various key issues. In addition, Gounaris will share with us his analysis regarding the new Greek coalition government and its first weeks in office. Additionally, in his role as an educator, Gounaris will discuss the problems of bullying and malnutrition that are increasingly being observed in many Greek schools, and what is being done to combat this crisis.

papazoglouAlong with this week’s interview, we will feature our commentary of the week segment, where we will discuss the first weeks of the new SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government, and particularly the most recent statements of Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. In addition, we will feature a special musical tribute to renowned Greek singer and musician Nikos Papazoglou.

Hear all this and much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Feb 26

This Week: Interview with Distinguished Economist and Author Roger Bootle

rogerbootle3This week on Dialogos Radio, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an exclusive interview with the distinguished British economist Roger Bootle, who is the chairman and founder of Capital Economics in London, a specialist adviser to the British House of Commons Treasury Committee, a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, and the author of “The Trouble With Europe.” Bootle has been awarded the prestigious Wolfson Prize in Economics for his plan for how a Eurozone member-state could safely manage a departure from the common currency. Bootle will discuss this proposal and how Greece could proceed with a Eurozone exit in this week’s exclusive interview.

mitsias3Also this week, hear our commentary of the week segment, where we will discuss the agreement of the Greek government made at the recent Eurogroup meeting, and the continued austerity and loan agreements which will follow. In addition, hear our special musical tribute to famous Greek singer and musician Manolis Mitsias.

Hear all this and much more, this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Feb 23

New Article for GreekTV.com: “From the Greek Resistance to Onassis’ Boardroom”

ioannidisRead our latest article for GreekTV.com, which is based on our recent interview with Paul Ioannidis, the honorary vice-president of the Onassis Foundation and the author of the riveting autobiography “Destiny Prevails.” In this article, we review Ioannidis’ book and recount highlights from his fascinating life story, including his participation in the Greek resistance against the Nazis during World War II, as well as his longstanding professional relationship and friendship with Aristotle Onassis and his family.

Find this article here: http://greektv.com/greek-resistance-onassis-boardroom/.

Feb 05

This Week: Interview with Political Economist Mark Blyth, on Greek Elections

markblyth1This week on Dialogos Radio, we will continue our coverage of the recent Greek parliamentary elections and their aftermath. On this week’s edition of the Dialogos Interview Series, we will speak with political economist Mark Blyth, a professor at Brown University and author of the bestselling book “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea.” In this timely and detailed interview, we will discuss the ramifications of SYRIZA’s electoral victory, its economic platform, what SYRIZA may encounter in its negotiations with the troika, and other pressing political and economic issues facing Greece and the European UnOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAion.

In addition to our interview, we will feature our weekly commentary of the week segment, covering the latest political developments in Greece, plus a special musical feature on the 35th anniversary of the death of one of Greece’s most legendary musicians, Nikos Xylouris, including some of his most emblematic songs and interesting details about life life and illustrious musical career.

Tune in for all this and much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Jan 08

Dialogos Radio Returns with a Pre-Election Interview with Economist Leonidas Vatikiotis

Dialogos Radio returns this week with the launch of a new broadcast season and a special pre-election interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with well-known economist and analyst Leonidas Vatikiotis, who will share with us his views as to the latest political and economic developments in Greece, on the economic program put forth by main opposition party Syriza, and on the his belief that Greece should still depart from the Eurozone and return to its own domestic currency.  Vatikiotis will also talk about the candidacy of the Antarsya political party in the upcoming elections in Greece.

thivaiosIn addition to the detailed analysis which Leonidas Vatikiotis will provide us this week, we will also feature a scathing commentary of the week segment on the latest political developments unfolding in Greece, and we will also present a special feature focusing on the music and career of prominent Greek musician Hristos Thivaios.

Tune in for this and much more, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!

Dec 18

Transcript: Interview with Comedian Yannis Pappas

yiannispappas2The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with renowned comedian and television personality Yannis Pappas.  This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of December 11-17, 2014. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: [following intro by the “Mr. Panos” character]: So, who we are actually speaking with here on Dialogos Radio today is the well-known Greek-American comedian Yannis Pappas, the man behind Mr. Panos. You’ve had a successful stand-up career and also a number of new projects for TV and the web as well, so Yanni, thank you for joining us.

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Dec 11

The Dialogos Radio Holiday Special, Featuring Yannis Pappas and Mr. Panos!

yiannispappas1This week, Dialogos Radio bids farewell to 2014 and rings in the holiday season in style, with the Dialogos Radio holiday special!  On this week’s broadcast, the Dialogos Interview Series will feature an interview with popular Greek-American comedian, producer, and entertainer Yannis Pappas, the man behind the exceptionally popular character of Mr. Panos, made popular through Pappas’ stand-up performances and his series of YouTube videos.  In this week’s interview, Pappas will talk about his life and his career as a stand-up comedian, how his Greek-American roots influence his material, his projects for television and the Internet, and he will also bring Mr. Panos on the line with him to share his own unique insights about Greece and Greek culture!  Along with the interview, we will feature clips from Pappas’ stand-up comedy performances, as well as from Mr. Panos himself!mrpanos1

This week’s broadcast will also feature great Greek music, including special Greek holiday music which will close out Dialogos Radio’s broadcasts for 2014.

Tune in for this fun and hilarious interview and our special holiday broadcast, all this week only on Dialogos Radio!

Nov 20

This Week: Interview and Musical Special Featuring Imam Baildi

Imam_Baildi_-_mThis week on Dialogos Radio, join us for an exclusive special broadcast featuring the music of well-known Greek band Imam Baildi.  This broadcast will feature music from the band’s latest album, titled “Tria,” as well as an interview, as part of the Dialogos Interview Series, with Imam Baildi’s co-founder, Lysandros Falireas, who will talk about the band and its latest endeavors, the band’s recent European and North American tours, their latest album, their inspirations and musical influences, future plans, and a special announcement that is of particular interest to our listeners, and to Imam Baildi’s fans, in North America!

Additionally, by making your contribution to Dialogos Radio’s ongoing fall fund drive, you have the option of selecting a digital download of Imam Baildi’s latest album as your gift from us, in exchange for your donation!

Tune in for this special broadcast and interview, plus our commentary of the week segment, this week exclusively on Dialogos Radio!